Social Media

Working in the IT industry can be very hard. I see the ugly side of social media, how it can be used to separate and divide us. Listened to an awesome sermon last Sunday and I can still feel it echoing through my mind. Not sure how as a nation we came to this point, other than we have turned away from God for far too long. We can’t have a difference in opinion without one of us being called a hater. I get so tired of seeing people spew hate, if you don’t agree your that or this. But what does it matter in the bigger picture. My pastor’s sermon hit some nerves. It’s better for me to be known what I stand for than what I’m against. While the list of things I’m against or things that goes against my values continues to grow, it doesn’t represent who I am. I’m a Christian, plain and simple. Before I’m a democrat or republican, I’m a Christian. As Christian we are called to be a light in a dark world and I can’t be a light while spewing hate. My prayer is that before I would speak a word I’d slow down enough to see if what I’m about to say points people toward Christ or away. I know I will fail at times, be called a hypocrite and so on and so forth but I pray that I become more intentional with my words and my actions would represent the light of Christ living in me. Lord forgive me for where I fail you, strengthen me that I would not be a stumbling block to those who do not know you.