Well last night Jacob got sick, so Becky said she would stay home with him. I’m a wimp when it comes to throw up. So that means my job as school bus driver is back in effect. So I get Hannah loaded up and she is singing praise music on the way to school. I’m thinking to myself I’m not doing too bad, when arrive at school and Hannah goes into full freak out mode. Daddy, you don’t have to go in. Immediately I knew I had lost any and all coolness I once had.


Love you so much. You are so much stronger than me. Don’t know how you do it but when it comes to sick kids there is no replacing their mommy. I thank God for blessing me with you as my wife. You are a super mom to our kids.


My little buddy, sorry you had a rough night. By the looks of it I think you are fine. May God bless you and watch over you son.


Well, now the fun starts. Since I’ve already lost my cool status that just means I can have all kinds of fun embarrassing you. I love the way you sing with all your heart to the Lord. I know in my heart you are walking with him. I pray you will stand strong on your faith and never waiver to the ways of this world.


Not sure what to say other than my hope for your return to me. I love you and pray for you daily. I hope some day you understand what I stand for. I know that wasn’t always the case but God is working on me. I pray you are well and you are seeking him above all.


Just got done looking at fb and my how you have grown up. A strong woman, I pray you know how much I love you. The kids are getting so big, don’t blink you will miss it. Hang in there I think you’re doing a great job at this mommy thing.


Well, I have studied for this week bible lesson. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I pray that God would work through me and that everything I say would bring him honor and glory. I’m also so thankful for the recent baptism. Brandi so very proud of you. I know God has great things in store for you.


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