Getting ready to teach our Sunday school lesson on Matthew 18:21-35 . I always like to read the text and think on how I have applied it in my own life.  Well this weeks lesson is a rough one. I can forgive all right, but to forgive as Christ did that’s a lot harder. When I think about the slave being forgiven his debt and then still holding debt over another slave it almost stings. I can’t help but think about my failures and success with forgiveness.  To forgive because we are forgiven, sounds simple enough but, If I’m brutally honest the hardest person for me to forgive is myself. I know I’m no longer the person I once was. I know Christ has forgiven and forgotten my sins. I have prayed that God would remove this from me and even if he does not his strength is perfected in my weakness. I have been blessed beyond measure with the life God has given me.  Lord I pray you would continue to use me in your service. Lord I pray that I would show others the love you have shown me, that I would forgive others as you have forgiven me. Lord guide me in all that I do. Amen