This seems to be the current anthem of many churches these days. While I can not argue that, I caution those that would proclaim that statement and that statement alone. I would argue that God is far more than love alone. God is larger than any single word or statement, so why put him in a box ? Why attempt to mold God into an image of our own making ?

In our zealousness to reach the lost we have stood up and with triumph voices proclaimed God is love. We have emphasized that one thing and that one thing alone to the point that is all they have heard. If all they hear is love, can they fully hear the message of the gospel? Does the gospel exist on love and love alone ? Is the only message of the gospel love ?

There would be no gospel without love, but there would be no gospel without God’s holiness! If we proclaim the message of love and love alone can there be sin ? If there is no sin is there a need for a saviour ? Plain and simple if love is all God is, he would have never had to send his son. He would have never had to take our place on that cross and bare our punishment. God is love, but he is also so much more.

Lord I pray the full message of the gospel would go forth. I pray we would reach the lost through love, compassion and TRUTH. Lord I pray people would seek you. Lord I pray when they are confronted by your holiness they would be overwhelmed  by a need for a saviour. I pray that you would raise up a generation of believers that would stand on your truth and proclaim it to the four corners of the world.


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