Being part of the body of Christ is not always easy. There are personalities, opinions and emotions to name a few. The distractions just seem to grow and grow sometimes to the point where it gets in the way of the message. It doesn’t take much and the picture becomes harder and harder to see. It becomes the can’t see the forest for the trees situation. That’s kind of where I was for a while tonight.

I wrestled with do I talk about it, don’t I for a while.  I prayed for guidance,  if I should talk about it with someone. The clouds didn’t open up and I didn’t hear and audible voice, but I knew God was saying get help.  Now God wasn’t sending me off to be someone else’s problem, it wasn’t like that at all. God was right there in the middle of it. God was saying get a new perspective, your way too close.

So, that’s what I did. Now living in a small town has it perks, one of those being I can talk to my pastor just about any time. I try not to take advantage of that fact, I know how busy he is. I try to put myself in his shoes and respect his privacy. Well, this was one of those times that couldn’t wait and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Like I said, God was in the middle of it. I went over, it was late by the way. We started to talk about what I was feeling. What was fact and what was perception. What were some different ways I could proceed. The fog was slowly starting to clear so to speak. My pastor asked me a question that echoed in my head like a shotgun. Was the problem I was having preventing people from coming to know Christ? Was it turning people away from Christ?

Well the situation may be less than ideal, but I couldn’t answer yes to either question. When I started looking at things with an eternal perspective the problem immediately got much smaller. It wasn’t long and the weight was lifted, and my clarity along with sanity returned. This wasn’t a matter of half empty or half full kind of thing. It was a matter of earthly or kingdom perspective.

My earthly perspective had me believing the problem was near insurmountable. For a brief moment I felt as if the sky were falling. When I started looking at things with a kingdom perspective the problem shrank to obscurity.

Lord thank you for directing me to get help. Thank you for a pastor who’s door is open. I pray Lord this would be a lesson not soon forgotten. I pray you would continue to speak through our pastor. Lord help me to be more kingdom focussed. Matthew 6:33-34


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