Unity within the Body of Christ has been something that has been on my heart lately. So many different parts coming together in service to our Lord and saviour. With so many people involved it’s easy to see why unity is a must. People serving with the talents and gifts the Lord has blessed us with. Why is unity so hard ? What do you do with there are problems ?

One thing I’ve seen more times than I care to mention is when other parts of the body don’t seem to be working in the way we think they should we often try to cut off our nose to spite our face. The emphasis seems to shift from working as a body to working as individual. The we quickly becomes a me and that’s where the trouble starts.

We become quick to point out the faults of the other people involved. If I’m brutally honest I can’t say I’ve never been part of this. It is with deep regret and conviction that I see my failures. To often we have torn down our brother or sister instead of building up. So again what do we do when we think there is a problem ?

First thing I would say is to pray for the person or persons involved. Ask God to guide your footsteps. Ask God to show you your part in the issue. There is absolutely nothing that can be gained by tearing someone else down. The body can not function with only feet or hands. Secondly I would look for ways to encourage the person or persons involved. Build them up, their success or failure is all part of the body. Being part of the body that means some of the success or failure lies with you. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be challenging or difficult. Think about the times someone has encourage you and what a blessing that was. Lastly I would suggest speaking to that person about the perceived problem. Hear me, I’m not telling you to attack them. This should be done with love and compassion. Do not go to them with your mind made up with what should be done. More times than not the problem will come from a lack of communication. 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Lord I pray we would be come one in service to you. Lord I pray we would encourage and lift up. Lord help us not to tear down our brother or sister. Lord guide us as we grow closer to you. Help us to be the body that would bring you honor and Glory. Let us be the church, the brother and sisters you have prepared us to be.




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