The Church

I’d like to start by saying that I’m no renown scholar. I’ve never written a book and I’ve never had a world changing idea. What I can say is that I’ve read the bible and I believe it to be the inerrant, infallible WORD OF GOD. Some of the things I’ve seen going on in Churches around the world breaks my heart. Now, I’m no Jeremiah (the weeping prophet) but just the same I can imagine how he felt.

The problem facing The Church to day is not a denominational problem. It doesn’t matter what denomination you happen to be. It is how ever a matter of God’s Word. In our infinite wisdom we have taken the WORD OF GOD and tried to make it palatable to the masses. We have tried to be less offensive in order to fill our churches. In an effort to be more seeker friendly and reach the lost we have watered down the gospel and risk winning them to nothing. God doesn’t care how full your church is !

So what is the effect of a watered down gospel ? The truth stops being preached and the lost stay lost.  Salvation can not be found in half truths. Salvation is found only through the blood of Jesus. Yes we absolutely want to reach the lost but this can not be done with a watered down gospel. We win the lost with the love and truth of the Gospel of Jesus. It is not the gospel of the church or popular opinion.

The Church does NOT have the authority to change the WORD OF GOD to fill the church or make people feel warm and toasty inside. When a sin stops being a sin, we lose the need for forgiveness all together. Now the popular movement is become waving our fingers and saying God is Love. Your right in saying this, but he is also a Holy God. I tell people all the time if God was so okay with your sin why did he send his Son to die on that cross ?

There is no gospel without the recognizing we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is no gospel without love, it is for this very reason that God sent his Son.  I would urge you believers to speak out against false or watered down gospels. Jesus did not come to preach half truths to win the masses. Jesus came that we might have salvation through him and him alone.


Stop having your ears itched. The message of the Gospel is free to everyone, but it is not with out cost. Jesus paid the price for our sin, if you plan to flow Jesus you can expect there will be a price. Some of our brothers and sisters around the world are paying that price with their lives even today. So why do we think Christianity should be easy ? Jesus never said take up your couch and follow me. Read and study your Bible so you will be able to know what is truth and what isn’t.

Lord I pray we would be The Church you have called us to be. I pray we would stand firmly on your truth. Lord I pray we would take up our Cross and follow you daily. Lord burden us for the lost and let us never forget the price you paid for our ransom. Lord I pray we would remember our brothers and sisters that may be suffering for Christ sake. Lord we lift them up to you.


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