I love this song, this week it seemed like every time I got into my truck this song was playing. I’m not sure how many times I heard it. It got me to thinking about praising God in all things. Praising God when your on the mountain top or if you are in the valleys, praising him because he alone is worthy.

The Lord has been so good to me, I’ve seen been blessed to see so many other Christians do just this. No matter the circumstance they praised God, in the face of some of the worst situations they were unchanged. How are they full of joy in their most difficult times ? How do they not waiver through the valleys ?

It’s all about where your treasure is, if the world is what you value, you will buckle and fail. This world we live in is temporary and full of circumstance. Our entire life here on earth all we know is temporary, from our birth to our death. It can be hard hard to see past this in the face of eternity. I love the way Paul explains some of this in Philippians.

For me it all comes down to who we live for. I love my wife and kids but my treasure is God, if I live for the Kingdom of God it becomes all about eternity. In the view of eternity we can have strength in the best and worst of times, we know that it is only temporary.

Lord thank you for Son who reconciles us to you. Lord help us to live for eternity, help us to live for you.




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