Being part of the body of Christ is not always easy. There are personalities, opinions and emotions to name a few. The distractions just seem to grow and grow sometimes to the point where it gets in the way of the message. It doesn't take much and the picture becomes harder and harder to see.…Read more Perspective


God is Love

This seems to be the current anthem of many churches these days. While I can not argue that, I caution those that would proclaim that statement and that statement alone. I would argue that God is far more than love alone. God is larger than any single word or statement, so why put him in…Read more God is Love


Church Last nights lesson was about the birth of our Lord and saviour. Straight out of Luke 2:1-20. Shepherds in a fields, that's the way God choose to announce the birth of his son. Shepherds that were largely considered unclean, looked down upon. God's plan from the beginning was to have a saviour that was…Read more SHEPHERDS