Lord I pray you would be with those that have been abused. Lord  comfort them as only you can. Lord let them hear your voice and know you are with them. Let them know they are never alone. Let them know they are loved. Lord help them to rise above the abuse and grow to be men and women of God. Lord strengthen them and heal them. Lord be the special child that is on my heart. Lord I hurt for him, be with him.


Lord impress upon their hearts the blessing they have in children. Lord let them see the responsibility you have charged them with. Lord draw them to you, break their hearts for what breaks yours. Lord wake them out of their slumber, call them to raise the next generation of believers. Lord touch their hearts and fill them with love and compassion for their children.


Lord you have given me so very much. You pulled me up out of the mire and redeemed me through the precious blood of your Son. Lord I’m nothing without you. Lord help me to love as you love. Help me to forgive as you forgive. Lord help me to be a light in a dark world. Lord help me to reach them.


Lord thank you for giving her to me. Lord give her strength to be the woman you have called her to be. Lord give her an extra measure of patience as I’m not an easy man. Lord let her know how loved she is. Lord again thank you, you reached in the darkness and brought me into the light and gave me a Godly woman. Thank you Lord


Lord help her to know how much she is loved. Lord help me to express the blessing she has been to us. Lord draw her close to you, remind her she is a child of God. Remind her of your promises. Lord help us to raise her and prepare her for the path you have chosen. Lord I pray she would walk faithfully with you.


Lord give me patience, he is so much like me. Lord help us to raise him that he would honor and glorify you. Lord help me to be an example, Lord help me to lead him to you. Lord thank you again for the blessing these children are.


Lord, you know I tire. I love her Lord, be with her. Lord call her back to you, that we may once again be a family. Lord turn her away from the ways of this world. Lord let her hear your voice, speak to her heart father. Strengthen me that I may not waiver.


Lord bless her, watch over her and protect her. Lord be with her this day, bless her family. Father strengthen Corey in his faith. Lord touch his heart for his children, that he might not make the mistakes I made early in life. Lord thank you


Lord be with him as he prepares our message this week. Lord watch over his family, what a blessing they are. Lord put your truth in him father, bring your words to us. Lord give him the direction and guidance as he leads.


Lord fill him with passion, set him a fire for you. Give him the courage and strength needed as he misters to the children. Lord lift him up, give him the words you would have him to say. Open the hearts and ears of the children that they would hear your words. Lord guide him to reaching them.


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