Lord I thank you for children, such a blessing and responsibility. Lord I pray that as parents we would walk a path that leads straight to you. I pray we would be the example you intended. Lord be with the children that may feel like they are without a voice. Lord let them know they have been heard. Lord touch their heart today and fill them with your love and presence.


Lord help us to be there for our children. Lord I ask that we not just be physically present, but that we would hear what our children say. Lord help us to follow you, touch our hearts and open our ears to the world around us. Lord help us to hear those children that may be struggling, that we may show the love you have shown us.


Lord thank you for my wife, a woman of encouragement. Lord thank you for allowing her to see past my faults, past who I am. Thank you for allowing her to see the man I’m meant to be. Lord be with her today as she teaches, I pray she would share her faith with those around her. Lord let her know how much I love her.


Lord guide her today, open her ears so that she would hear those that need your word today. Lord let her witness for you, let her heart be your witness today. Lord help her to walk the path you have prepared for her.


Lord watch over my little daredevil. Lord he’s hard headed like me. Lord help to to guide him. Lord thank you so very much for all my children. Lord just make this day special for him.


Lord please make her know how badly we miss her. Lord feel your presence that she would know you are a holly God. Lord help her to hear the truth, open her eyes Lord. Lord loosen the grip of the world has on her.


Lord be with him today, let it be a special day for him. Lord I pray that today he would see the fruit of his labor. Lord fill him with your uncompromising truth and love. Lord open the ears of the church that we would hear your words. Lord be with his family today, strengthen them for the road ahead. Lord thank your for this Godly man.


Lord I pray that you would fill him with your wisdom and discernment. Lord speak to him, give him the words to say. Lord fill him with passion and love. Lord give him an extra measure of patience for the children. Lord help other to see his love for them. Lord I lift him up to you father that he would reach the hearts you have already prepared.


Lord help us to be your bride. Help us to be the image of your love. Lord let us be your hands and feet that we may reach the lost. Lord remind us who your are with your presence today. Lord be with our leaders, help us to seek your first in all things. Lord raise up the next generation of believes through your church.

I ask these things in Jesus name, may we bring your honor and glory.


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