Lord I pray you would just be with him today, let him feel your presence. Lord as he’s in your presence today I pray you would use him in a mighty way. Lord give him the boldness that only comes from knowing you. Lord give him the strength to fight the battles that need fighting and the wisdom to know what they are. Lord bless him and his family, may they always walk in your footsteps.


Lord thank you for him. Lord I pray you would unite our church around him, and the church would be a source of encouragement for him. Lord I pray you would continue to use him to reach your children. Lord I know there is someone that needs his words today. I pray you would give him the words to say. Lord I pray for him to be bolder that more might be saved in Christ name.


Lord be with him as he serves you. Lord grow him in your truth, give him strength to run the race. Lord I pray he would experience your fullness today.

Youth Ministry & Children’s Ministry

Lord prepare their hearts and ears. Lord let them hear your voice above all. Lord take away the distractions that would keep them from you. Lord I pray they would see your glory in a might way. Lord watch over them, protect them and light their way. Lord draw them to you.


Lord thank you for the family I thought I’d never have. They are truly a gift from you. Lord I pray we would continue to grow together. Lord help us to be the servants you have called us to be. Lord give us a heart for the things you love. Give us eyes to see the lost. Lord watch over us. Forgive us where we fail you, to you be the honor and glory.


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