Lord I pray you would be with the doctors as they treat him for a broken jaw. Lord I pray you would comfort him as only you can. Lord be with him and strength him. Lord give him comfort and peace. Lord I pray you would be with his family as they travel for his treatment. Lord I pray you would heal him.


Lord I lift him up to you as he prepares to travel to Honduras. Lord I pray you would watch over him. Lord I pray you would use him to reach the lost. Lord give him the words that would speak to the hearts of those around him. Lord give him strength for the journey ahead.  Lord bless Katherine as she travels on this medical mission trip. Lord I pray all those she comes in contact with would see the light of Christ. I pray they would be filled with your love and they would be blessed by her presence. Lord be with their children as Daniel & Katherine are away. Lord watch over them and bring them back to us.


Lord surround him with encourager’s. Lord give him strength and wisdom to lead. Lord fill him with your passion and love for the lost. Lord help him to reach those who do not know you as Lord and Saviour. Lord help him to minister to those that do. Lord help him to shine your light into the darkest places in this small town. Lord let your love and truth flow from him. Bless his family as he serves you.


Lord be with our youth as they bring you into our schools. Fill them with strength and let your love shine through them. Lord open the ears of the ones that do not know you. Lord be louder than the things of this world. Lord fill their hearts with the things that you love. Lord guide them and watch over them.


Lord be with our children’s ministry. Lord let the children know how much we love them. Lord help us to listen to them, let them know they can talk to us about anything. Lord give them a voice that we may hear them. Lord burden us for them, fill us with urgency as we minister to them. Lord fill us with your love. Watch over our children and help us to grow them in you.


Lord strengthen us as a family, let us be a family of servants. Lord help us to seek you first in all things. Lord help us to raise our children in a way that would glorify you. Lord take away the distractions we may have. Lord remove the things that would hinder us from walking with you. Lord give us wisdom that we may serve you. Lord help us to be a family that would minister to those around us. Lord I thank you for this blessing you have given me. Lord I pray that I would be the husband and father that you would have me to be. Lord thank you for this life, a life that has been filled with your grace and mercy.

Lord I ask you to help me stand firm on your word. Let your Son be the foundation for our lives. Let your truth and love flow from us.  I ask these things in Jesus name. Amen


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