Lord be with me today as I teach and minister to the children. Lord let it be your words they would hear. Lord fill me with your love and compassion that I may minister to them. Lord fill me with your truth. Lord open their hearts and ears that they would hear your words. Lord touch their hearts in a special way and move them to action. Lord help me to be obedient to your will. Lord I pray I would seek you first in all things. Lord if any of the children are going through a hard time I pray I would hear them. Lord I thank you for allowing me to serve in this ministry. Lord thank you for your word. Lord thank you for all the blessing you have given me. Lord thank you for sending your Son to pay the price for my sins. Lord I am not worthy, your grace and love you have shown me.


Lord I pray you would be with her in a special way today. Lord I pray your light would shine through her today as she teaches. Lord I pray you would take away the distractions of the world and allow her to focus on you. Lord I pray her actions would be filled with love and compassion of Jesus. Lord I pray she would be allowed to witness for you today. Lord fill her with your strength and boldness. Lord help her to be a light in a dark world.


Lord help her to walk in obedience to you. Lord mold her into the woman you would have her to be. Lord fill her with the confidence that only comes from you. Lord help her to follow in the steps of Jesus. Lord thank you for entrusting her to me. Lord grow her into the servant you have planned. Lord I pray you would fill her with your love and compassion. Lord give her a heart for the lost.  I love her so very much Lord watch over her father.


Lord grow him into the man you would have him to be. Lord guide me in how to raise him. Lord strength him and draw him to you. Lord fill him with wisdom, love and compassion. Lord I pray he would serve you always. Lord I pray he would have a great day today and would feel your hand upon  him. Thank you lord for this child.


Oh daughter, how I’ve weep for you. I love you so very much, my fear is that your will never know it. This world has put us at odds against each other. I love you daughter. Lord forgive me for failing her, forgive me for my mistakes. Lord I pray you would help me reach her with love and truth. Lord let your words be the only words she would hear today. Father pull her from the darkness and into the light of your Son. Lord touch her heart that she would hear you. Lord show me the path I need to follow to reach her. Lord give her a longing for your truth. Lord let her know I love her. Watch over her father, for I am lost without her.


Lord be with her and her family today. Help her to raise her children in a Godly manner. Lord help them to form the foundation for their lives and family in you. Lord strengthen her for the times ahead, fill her with knowledge and wisdom. Lord I lift Corey up to you, Lord draw her nearer to you. Lord help him to lead his family. Lord bless them, watch over them.


Lord be with him as he prepares to go to Honduras, Lord prepare the words you would have him to say. Lord fill him with wisdom and discernment. Lord help him to lead his flock, Lord have him speak with boldness the things that may be hard to say. Fill his words with love and truth. Lord help him to love those that are hard to love. Lord burden him for the lost, fill him with passion. Lord speak through him the words we need to hear. Lord help him to guide us in obedience and faith. Lord help him to be a light in this dark world.


Lord speak to him, fill him with passion and zeal. Lord speak through him, Lord guide his path that he may walk in your truth and love. Lord prepare the hearts of the youth that they would hear your words. Lord help him to shepherd the youth and let us never grow weary. Lord give him the strength and endurance to run the race you have placed before him. Lord I pray you would move the church to encourage him and lift him up to you.


Lord I pray his recovery would be fast. Lord guide the hands of those that would be treating him. Lord I pray you would speak to him today. Lord draw him to your church. Lord help us to set aside any differences that we may come together as the Body of Christ. Lord let him know he is not alone today.


Lord be with him as he has his procedure. Lord guide the hands of all those involved and bring him back to us. Lord encourage him and his family.



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