Lord thank you for giving him to us. Lord I love the way he wakes up in the morning so happy. Lord watch over him today at school. Lord I pray you would make today special for him. Lord I pray you would guide us in raising him. Lord help me to be the example for him.


Lord thank you for her, she will always be my baby girl. Lord thank you for the family I never thought possible. Lord thank you for working in her life. I love to hear her sing you praise. Lord help grow her in the path you have set before her. Lord watch over her today, help her to be a light to those around her. Lord strengthen her that she may be bold in her faith.


Lord thank you for giving me a woman of God. Lord thank you for a woman that supports me and encourages me to be the man I’m called to be. Lord help her to walk with love and compassion, help her to see the children that may need a little extra love today. Lord watch over her today. Lord I pray you would remove the distractions so all she would see is you.


Lord I pray you would speak to her today. Lord call her to you, Lord I know you will leave no unfinished work in her. Bring her back to you Lord. Lord I pray she would know how much we love her. Lord touch her in a special way today.


Lord thank you for placing Godly men in my life. Lord I lift them up to you, they are such a blessing. Lord I pray these men would continue to strengthen on another. Lord thank you for men like Sam, Mark, James and so many others. Lord I pray you would make today just a special day for them. Lord help me to walk with you today, Lord break my heart for what breaks your. Lord help me to serve and love like Jesus did. Lord fill me with your truth and let me see those opportunities you have placed before me. Lord help me to love the unlovable and reach the unreachable. Lord let you words fill my thoughts today.


Lord help me to encourage him and minister with him. Lord help us to strengthen one another. Lord be with him as he prepares your message for Sunday. Lord be with little Mav and continue to make him feel better. Lord help minister to the youth and the children. Lord help him to reach them and grow them. Lord I pray you will fill him with calm and peace today. Lord I pray he would feel you presence with him. Lord thank you for allowing me to serve with him.


Lord be with him as he travels to Honduras, prepare the path you would have him to travel. Lord help him to minister to the people in that area. Lord help him to strength and encourage those working there. Lord prepare the words he needs to say while he is there. Lord I pray you would give him opportunities to share the gospel, prepare the ears that would hear it. Lord remove the distractions from him that he may be in your presence. Lord be with Katherine as she ministers to those there. Lord give her courage and boldness like never before. Lord thank you for Daniel and his family they are such a blessing.

De Leon

Lord bless this little town of ours, Lord fill the hearts of the people here with revival. Lord I pray you would call us together as one and we would serve you. Lord I pray the people of this town would see your light in those around here. Lord I pray this town would turn to you. Lord help us to live together in your truth.



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