Lord I pray your words would pour from him, I pray the gospel would be heard and many would come to know you. Lord I pray your light would shine through him. Lord prepare the hearts of the people in Honduras for your words. Lord give the works an extra measure of strength. Lord I pray you would bless their efforts and many would be saved.


Lord be with him as he brings your message to the youth. Lord I pray they would hear you. Lord prepare their hearts and ears as your words are spoken. Lord I pray you would just touch them in a special way.


Lord give me strength to run the race and not grow tired. Lord I love these kids, I pray they would hear your truth and love. I pray the blind may have their sight. Lord help me to love these children in a way that shows your perfect and unfailing love. Lord help me to say focused on your plan. Lord I pray for those that would try to steal the joy from me. Lord I pray that my eyes would always be on you. Lord help me to remove the distractions and just be still.


Lord I thank you for my family, they are such a blessing. Lord thank you for my extended church family, I love them so much. Lord help us to walk with you daily. Lord I pray we would take up our cross and walk with you. Lord burden us for the lost, fill us with your love and passion for them. Lord watch over my family, draw us nearer to you.




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